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StarTek Workforce Solutions believes as dramatic changes have emerged in the cable service industry nationwide, the consistent need for additional cable technical services is a priority.  Our corporate strategy is to provide services in selected regions where our intent is to provide excellence in operations and customer service.

StarTek is well positioned to take advantage of the significant opportunities presented by the rapidly expanding cable industry.  We believe the key to success in the industry is to develop strong, efficient, and rapidly productive teams that can provide services to cable companies and their customers in a timely and productive manner while maintaining and performing jobs to specification. 


Technicians and Compensation

Our Company is committed to connecting our customers with independent contractor technicians who have operated businesses and provided services with a proven track record in the cable installation industry.  Through their own independently operated businesses, these technicians partner with StarTek to provide superior service to our customer base.   While these technicians are not our employees, StarTek carefully considers each technician’s experience in the industry, as well as the training that they have secured on their own for themselves and their employees.   The technicians bring their own tools, resources, and independent judgment and discretion to each job based on their experience as independent contractors.   Our number one goal is that our customers are seamlessly satisfied with all aspects of the services provided by the independent contractor technicians.   Through our careful selection of independent contractors, the quality of work provided by these technicians is at the top of all Metrics Nationwide in all markets served by StarTek.   We are pleased to note that the top two technicians leading all metrics in the Comcast Metrics Nationwide are two independent contractors with whom StarTek contracts.   


Commitment to Community

We strongly believe that small businesses should contribute valuable services that strengthen their communities and the neighborhoods in which they serve.  As such we are committed to  our responsibility to contribute in cash and in kind services to charitable organizations through out  the country, including World Vision, Boys and Girls Clubs, Churches, DWD International Ministries, High Schools, and Colleges.  We highlight our commitment by supporting low-income families with donations and services that inspire positive change to the communities we serve both nationally and internationally.

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